Founded in 2018, PinPoint Medical was conceived to take advantage of emerging technical innovations in biosensing and nano-scale detection systems.

The Complete Solution

Innovative technologies, diagnostics and environmental monitoring

We partner with cutting-edge academic and commercial scientific specialists/experts worldwide, and aim to leverage these partnerships to deliver diagnostic and detection healthcare advantages to global markets.

Although we still consider PinPoint to be a start-up company, we are at the forefront of commercialising patented biosensing technologies – and on the cusp of successful manufacture – and deployment to market.

Ease Of Use

Simple to deploy, easily understood and measurable giving clear indications of actions to correct and maintain quality

Cost Effective

Reducing the overall spending on the diagnostics cycle by providing monitoring and reporting solutions

Quality Assured

Straight forward recording and documenting. Indicators to enable consist diagnostics. Ensuring optimal performance of medical environments

Our 5-E Ethos

PinPoint Medical's approach to the diagnostics cycle










The Future

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that preparedness and prevention are key to the best possible health outcomes. PinPoint has invested heavily in this very concept and currently offers multiple, extremely compelling opportunities for further external investment and partnership.

Our technological ambitions aim to not only provide the tools that help identify common human pathogens and their resultant health conditions, but also the methods with which to eradicate them from the environment.

We realise this is a hugely ambitious goal but we believe we have the drive, and just as importantly, the technical know-how to make significant progress in solving real-world human health issues, from early cancer detection, to defeating antimicrobial resistance and a host of other, currently vexing health matters.

   Diagnostics, detection, control and elimination

PinPoint Advanced

Plasmonic Assay - Biosensors

  • PinPoint Advanced DPA Biosensors enable detection of multiple (numbers and types) pathogens in a single sample. They perform this task at very low relative cost and are an excellent fit for the high-throughput consumable sensor market.
  • The Hospital Aquired Infections control market is worth $29.1 billion (2021, Global). The air filtration/sterilisation market that is valued $12.26 billion (2021, Global).
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an exponentially increased demand for pathogen monitoring in public spaces (medical, schools, transport, commercial offices, performance venues, enclosed spaces etc.). Our technology allows for fast detection of multiple, environmental pathogens simultaneously, whilst also boasting the market advantage of being simple to operate/implement at a low relative cost.
  • Currently, optical, label-free biosensors such as surface plasmon resonance (Cytivia, HORIBA, Nicoya, FoxBiosystems) or bilayer interferometry (Sartorius) are available on the market, none of them can match PinPoint’s technological solution for field measurements and single step diagnostics with full multiplexing.

PinPoint Advanced – Disposable Plasmonic Assay – Biosensors

PinPoint biofinder

PinPoint DPA Biosensor

PinPoint DPA Biosensor Our biosensor package is extremely compact with highly efficient use of materials. The total diameter of the sensing substrate is less than 1cm2 and contains an array of eighteen nano-patterned sites that perform optical biosensing.

Each site is capable of detecting and reporting a specific pathogen using specific antibody interactions. It should be possible to extend the array to >50 sites in the near future, allowing larger numbers of pathogens to be simultaneously diagnosed and reported.

PinPoint Medical has identified a clear gap in the current biosensor market that is ripe for disruption. Currently available products fall on the side of high-cost – both in terms of financial considerations and time to results.

Our Advanced DPA biosensor technology aims for low relative cost, with rapid results and high reliability. Our sensors, although similar to current immunosensors, such as lateral flow devices, provide higher throughput with lower reagent requirements – hence lower cost.

We created our sensor technology as part of our iAQ filtration system for complete point-of-contact monitoring of pathogens – within a given environmental setting, such as, hospitals, transport hubs, schools, labs and the like but we continue development, with the aim of providing complete or partial white-label solutions of our sensor technology. This opens the way for numerous potential applications of our products, from established, innovative third-parties in the industry – thus greatly expanding our target market.

Although our DPA biosensors can be readily integrated into third-party systems, PinPoint is developing a complete, integrated system including a wireless reader and comprehensive software platform – for setting sensor variables and collating results with extensive reporting. This will allow point-of-contact monitoring and alerting for specific single or multiple pathogen build up in a given area.

Also, at the concept stage, is an integrated sensor/reader solution that will allow constant, real-time monitoring and reporting to provide essential, automated early warning of potential increased pathogen accumulation in sensitive/crucial environments like operating theatres and laboratory/testing facilities.

PinPoint Biosensor Process


Prostate Cancer Screening System

  • Portalyze is a revolutionary new integrated system that offers point-of-care diagnosis of prostate cancer, with the potential to include liver and bowel cancer screening in the near future.
  • (US) 39% of men aged 55-69 years had a PSA (prostate-specific antigen) test (2017) ~11 million. According to WHO Observatory, Europe has around 2.2 times the number of prostate cancer patients. Projected – Europe, ~ 24.3 million men will have a PSA test (2021).
  • The prostate cancer diagnostics market in US estimated to be $2B, EU market estimated to be $4.4B. We expect to capture 0.1% market revenue in EU after 1st year product launch, which is $4.4M.
  • Prostate cancer world diagnostics market projected $2.83B in 2019 and CAGR of 13.2%, in 2026 will be $6.74B. We expect to attain up to 1% of the world market revenue, or $67.4M (year 1).

Current initial prostate cancer screening methods, give a false positive almost 60% of the time.

Perhaps worse than this shocking statistic; the current PCa diagnostic method is extremely invasive, uncomfortable and inconvenient, especially for more senior individuals – those most affected by the condition.

Our new product/system (currently named Portalyze) is designed to mitigate some of the worst aspects of the current diagnostic procedure, minimise costs and greatly enhance the number of early diagnosis opportunities for better medical outcomes.

Portalyze has already won the Geneva Innovation Technology Gold medal award and holds two distinct patents with a further five patents pending.

State of play

We have made exceptional progress with Portalyze and are confident that barriers to market will fall quickly once we onboard additional partners/investors. We have already achieved:

  • Clinical validation – Completed (Hong Kong SAR) – validation for UK and wider geographical areas ongoing
  • 500 patient test case study agreed with Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow, UK
  • Market analysis completed
  • Potential target market ~800 million men, worldwide
  • Medical Devices Regulation (UK) – compliance route map defined and in progress
PinPoint Portalyze

Portalyze is non-invasive and can produce test results in ~30 minutes – with an accuracy rate of 75%.

This is a game changer for early prostate cancer diagnosis.

PinPoint iAQ

Filtration System

  • PinPoint Medical aims to provide a solution to diagnose airborne pathogens (bioaerosols) in hospitals and public environments. Primarily in response to increasing government emphasis on compliance with pollution monitoring standards.
  • Global environmental monitoring market – USD 17.9 billion by 2026 from an estimated USD 14.5 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 4.5% from 2021 to 2026. Extrapolating, the global air quality monitoring system market is projected to grow from $5.02 billion in 2021 to $8.33 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 7.5% in forecast period.
  • Environmental monitoring is used for multiple industrial and government applications, our product fits into this market and seeks to enhance available options.
  • According to The Royal Society Journal, by 2040, mean population exposure from anthropogenic sources could be reduced by about 75% (from PM10 to PM2.5) relative to 2015 and brought well below the WHO guideline levels in many parts of the world.

The PinPoint iAQ filtration system

PinPoint biofinder

The PinPoint intelligent Air Quality system: filter and encapsulated UV stacks can be increased or decreased according to specification.

The PinPoint intelligent Air Quality system is a multi-platform filtration system that utilises, nano-structure filter technology, UV light (UV-A & UV-C) and our unique biosensing components with direct, real-time monitoring via software.

iAQ is modular, so can expand or contract to fit any newly designed air filtration schema and can also be retro-fitted to existing installations of virtually any type. Because it’s modular, our system can adapt to the air quality metric required by a given design or installation – this can represent significant cost savings over existing, less flexible solutions.

With the rise in hospital acquired infections and antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, we foresee a time when systems like iAQ will become mandatory for hospitals and other healthcare providers and, possibly, even schools, transport hubs and other public and private spaces where the elimination of airborne pathogens and harmful particulates is considered a serious public health priority.

The PinPoint iAQ system is almost ready for market roll-out, our software platform is in beta, our manufacturing process is defined and ready to scale and our biosensors are at their final phase of testing and approval. PinPoint iAQ represents an exceptional investment opportunity that not only offers a potentially significant ROI, but also, by extension, an outstanding contribution to public health systems worldwide.

iAQ In Brief

  • System uses advanced, Disposable Plasmonic Assay - Biosensors
  • Includes a mobile sensor reader – Identifies contaminates in under 15 mins
  • Leverages proven UV sterilisation – effective with both UV-C or UV-A
  • Can include our cloud-based software for detailed analysis
  • Provides real-time environmental monitoring
  • Can be integrated into standard infection control protocol
PinPoint IAQ filter

A macro shot of the iAQ nano-structure filter surface.

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